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Sr Megan Whiley is a Registered Nurse / Midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has an 8 star grading with the childbirth Educators Professional Forum.
Megan also owns Mom's Dad's Babies Edu Centre.
If you have anything you would like to know about pregnancy, birth, babies or lactation e-mail Megan directly with your query. Simply click on the above banner above to send her an email.

Great Ideas for Time & Money Savers

Cake Solutions: You know those surprise cake sales that they have at your children's schools every other term...yes you do! Well I have an aunt who has four children and was well acquainted with these offending cake sales. It was a source of constant irritation for her when her kids would come home from school and at eight o'clock that evening suddenly announce that there was in fact going to be a cake sale at their school the following day and they would have to take a cake. Supposing that one even has the ingredients for a cake at hand in the grocery cupboard, no one wants to stand and bake at that time of night, and, well rushing off to the nearest petrol station at 6am the next morning to quickly see what you can pick up is both expensive and just not practical. So my aunt developed a strategy, whenever she had a free moment or when she was doing some baking anyways, she would bake extra cakes or banana breads or such, wait for them to cool and then freeze them straight away. So whenever one of her kids would tell her they urgently needed a cake for the next day, she simply took one out the freezer and let it thaw till the next morning and there you go one fresh cake for school.

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