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Sr Megan Whiley is a Registered Nurse / Midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has an 8 star grading with the childbirth Educators Professional Forum.
Megan also owns Mom's Dad's Babies Edu Centre.
If you have anything you would like to know about pregnancy, birth, babies or lactation e-mail Megan directly with your query. Simply click on the above banner above to send her an email.

Generally Great Ideas

The picture to the left shows the scrapbooking page I made of my daughters "Stawberries and Toadstools Tea Party" for her 1st birthday. This craft is a lot of fun, but the best part of it, I believe, is that it doesn't have to be expensive and it makes for fantastic gifts. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I kept everything, the appointment card for the doctor visits, the wrist tags I wore in the hospital, the cards I got for the babyshower, all the little keepsakes which my daughter recieves at each of these moms and babies workshops etc. I then started a scrapbook for her of every major event in her life, her development right from the beginning, her birth, her first christmas, my first mothers day etc. Each page was dedicated to each event and I took all of these collected items and used them in her scrapbook. So it's not just filled with pretty flowers and colourful ribbons but its also filled with authentic memorabilia, actual physical things from these special moments in her life. Really the srapbook doesn't have to be a work of art or professional looking (as you can see) because the thought, care and love with which these things are collected and collated around these special memories is the substance behind the gift and it makes for something really really special to give to your child on their 13th, 16th or 21st Birthday, a book of their memories.

A touch of Fantasy: There is an eight year age difference between myself and my younger sister and I enjoyed telling her many stories about fairies and elves. To add a little excitement though, every now and again, at night when it was full moon I would select a small portion of the garden some distance from the house and plant a little candle or two and light them. I would then call my sister and tell her that the fairies where in our garden having a party. She would be enthralled for hours watching the tiny lights from the window or trying to creep closer in the garden to see the fairies (and in fact convinced sometimes that she could) but I would always tell her that if we were not careful they would see us and dissappear. This was a source of great excitement to her and she would always ask when the fairies would be coming back to have a party. So this is just a little idea but a truly lovely one for bringing a little magic into childhood and the next morning ... one can always sprinkle a little glitter or 'fairy dust' around the candles to add some credibility. (source akcnowlegement for the fairy image:


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